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Have you ever felt like your horse is trying to communicate with you but you cannot understand what they are trying to say?

Have you ever tried to teach your horse something and given up feeling like a failure?

Often felt like a dunce because your horse is unride-able?

Kate started off owning horses with a ‘quirky’ mare who everyone told her was dangerous.

This mare was detached, shut down, isolated and in a lot of pain. The general advice was to PTS as she would never be ridden.

Kate learnt the key points of natural horsemanship and went on to bring this mare back into work.

They are not out winning rosettes or championships- but they ARE connected, talking to each other, listening to the other and enjoying life together.

Kate has been using the same methods to rehabilitate other horses and ponies who are ‘quirky’ over the years.

Now, Kate wants to help other horse owners re-discover their enjoyment in owning a horse!

She will help breakdown schooling exercises, simple mindful techniques to introduce respect into your relationship and help foster enjoyment regardless of ridden orientation!

We offer a safe, friendly environment where everyone is welcome; plenty of parking for trailers and lorries.

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